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The Qualities of Kindness - Generous

Kindness is really just Love in Action. Don’t you agree? And we thought to help all of our Kindness Crew members and their friends to ‘practice’ more kindness, we’d develop a list of 26 Qualities of Kindness.  So here goes with this month’s quality, with some ideas for how to practice it today, this week, or all month! Our first word is GENEROUS. 

Definition: In essence, being generous means having a willingness and inclination to give freely and unselfishly. It implies being plentiful, abundant, and unsparing in giving something, whether it is material goods, time, effort, praise, hospitality or other resources. A generous person is liberal, bounteous and magnanimous in their giving without expecting anything in return. Generosity is considered a virtue and a positive quality that benefits others and society as a whole.

So how can we practice being generous? It might take giving a little bit of time to a person you love who just needs help with something.  It may involve giving money, or a different kind of resource, to someone who you genuinely feel is doing great things. It might be sharing a compliment or a Kindness Card (see website) with someone just because you caught them doing something right.  Whatever you choose to do this day, be intentionally generous, and see what comes back to you in the form of ‘boomerang’ kindness!

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